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Welcome to our blog!

Hello!  I’m Jamie!  I have been working in the Dry Cleaning industry for over 25 years and have seen many mistakes made when it comes to caring for fabrics.  I’ve been giving advice to my friends and family about how to shop for fabric items and also how to care for them, but now is the time for me to share my knowledge with everyone!

One aspect of this blog will be about how to shop for fabric items.  I love to shop, but I want the clothes I buy to be good investments that last and don’t fall apart after one cleaning.  It’s a tough economy and who wants to have to buy the same black sweater every year because it’s faded by end of the season?  Not me!

The other aspect of this blog is the one about cleaning and caring for your fabrics.   Once you have made the investment in clothing or comforters, you need to keep them in good condition.  Whether its having them dry cleaned or hand washing or machine washing your fabrics, how you care for them is very important.

I hope that we all can learn a lot from this blog so keep reading and feel free to ask me any questions about the fabrics in your home!