FAQ: Why do women’s shirts cost more to clean?

It’s a question I get a lot and it’s time you all knew the answer.  Watch the video to learn why pricing is different for men’s vs women’s laundry shirts.


Watch me!


Watch out for the dryer!

The washer and dryer have made getting clothes clean (especially with kids) a lot easier, but the dryer can be very harsh on clothes.  Here’s a word of warning about putting all your clothes in the dryer:

If you have garments that are machine washable that you really love, hang them to dry or have them dry cleaned.  The heat of the dryer can break down some fabrics and they won’t last as long.  Also pieces like sweaters and blouses, can shrink down in the washer.  You can however, easily block them to bring them back into shape and let them air dry.

So, what’s blocking?  Blocking is when you gently stretch a garment back into the shape it started in.  Some people take measurements of the item before they wash it so they can get it back to the same dimensions.  If you don’t have that much time, you can just lay it on a flat surface once it comes out of the washer and gently pull in both length and width wise until it is the shape you want it in.   Cotton does this very easily and if you stretch it too far, you can wet the fabric a little and try again.  Many modern synthetic fabrics such as nylon and acetate however don’t go back to their original shape once you pull them.  Be very careful when you are stretching those.  Also make sure to read the label carefully before you wash anything.   Cotton forgives, synthetics don’t.  Your dry cleaner can also take care of these items and make sure they stay looking like new!