Wonderful White Wedding Dresses!

They are gorgeous, lacy, beaded and covered with trim, but there are some things to look out for when shopping for a wedding dress.  These are also more things that you should know when shopping for fancy dresses in general.

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Have your best princess moment

Evening dresses can be beautiful with all the beading, sequins, and details on them, but do you know what to look for when shopping for them so that the dress will actually last?

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Sun, Sand, Summer, and Sunscreen

Stains from Sunscreens & Suntan Lotions

Don’t forget to wear sunscreen at the beach!

With the arrival of hot, sunny days comes the need for sunscreens and suntan lotions. While most of us use these products to help protect our skin from the sun, others use them to enhance their skin tone.

Unfortunately, the components found in most sunscreens and suntan lotions can stain fabrics. Most of these skin care products contain oils to make them moisture-resistant. They may also contain dyes to give them a certain color or to allow the skin to darken.

Initially, stains caused by these products may be invisible, but age and/or the heating of cleaning may cause them to become more apparent.

To prevent these stains, follow the directions provided by the manufacturer. The general rule of thumb is to allow the sunscreen to dry before it contacts a garment. Also wash your hands before handling garments to avoid possible staining. However, it is important to note that despite these precautions, some residue may still transfer to clothing through perspiration.

The oil component of these lotions may not be easily removed in normal washing or drycleaning procedures, but appropriate stain removal techniques can be successful. For this reason, please let us know if sunscreens or tanning lotions may have contacted any of your garments. This additional information will make us both happier when you come to pick up your order!

Source:  Great Impressions Clothing Care Tips and More Newsletter

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