How to Shop for Blankets with Trim

Wonder why the trim always tangles? Watch our latest video to find out!

Watch our latest video for tips on what to look for when buying blankets with trims because some fabrics tangle more easily than others.


Sun Fading

We all love to have natural light in our homes, but over time, the constant exposure to light can cause fading in some fabrics.  Anything that hangs with light on it such as curtains will fade over time even if its not in strong light.  Draperies are more prone to fading because they hang with folds.  Those folds create pockets of poor circulation where air can’t get to the fabric.  This can cause the dyes in the fabric to have a chemical reaction called fume fading.  If you open up a panel of a curtain that has been hanging for a long time, you can see the discoloration of the fabric.

So, when you are looking to buy curtains, look for ones that have a lining because, linings can slow the fading process.  Also be aware that if they hang in one position for a long period of time it increases the chances of fading so readjust your curtains every now and then to prevent sun fading.

Enjoy the sunshine in your home, but watch out for fading to keep your curtains looking good.