Slipcovers can instantly and affordably change the look of furniture in a room, but they also need to be cared for. When looking for a slipcover, check the tag to see if the fabric has been pre-shrunk, because, if not, it will shrink when cleaned and not fit your furniture as well. Slipcovers will also show wear over time in the areas where people sit and on the arms. These areas build up dirt and when they are cleaned and the dirt is removed, the fabric may look lighter because the dirt was hiding where the fabric was being worn down. Make sure to clean slipcovers on a regular basis according to the care label to keep them looking good.


Trims, Tassels, and Beads

This is what happens if tassels aren't removed before cleaning

Many decorations on fabrics such as trims, tassels, beads, or flocking add style and pizzazz, but can be challenging to care for because of their delicacy.

All tassels should be removed from fabrics before cleaning because they will not hold up.  Any corded or braided trim is usually pretty safe, but sometimes it can separate and reveal the white cord beneath it that gives it shape.  However, over time and after many cleanings it may start to show wear.

We all love the sparkle they give to fabrics, but beads and sequins are more tricky decorations to deal with.  Some beads can melt when cleaned.   Sequins can loose their color and become less reflective over time as they are cleaned.  Also be careful if you have pillows or comforters with beads on them because as you sit on the fabric, it can loosen the thread and will break more easily and the beads can fall off.

Flocked fabric is another special type of trim that is challenging to clean because of how it’s made.  Flocking is glued to the base fabric and over time the glue can break down no matter how you clean it.  If you sit on it or rub against it, it will crush and change how the light reflects off of it, which can make it look like the color has changed. Be cautious when buying items with flocking on them.

If you keep these tips for caring for trims in mind while shopping you can find things that will last a long time and stay looking good!

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